How to get a jar in Wytchwood

Secure the perfect vessel.

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Early on in Wytchwood, you’ll learn that you need four ingredients to light the braziers that open a giant door. One of these ingredients is the hair of a dog. Before long, you’ll run across a perfectly shaggy dog who belongs to a kilnsman in the forest. The only problem? The dog isn’t keen on letting you near with your shears. To calm the dog, you’ll need to craft a soporific morsel, and to do this, you need water, which you can gather in an empty jar. So how do you get one?

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There are a couple of ways to get a jar. You can either craft them or find them. And while eventually, you’ll probably be crafting most of the jars you need, you’ll likely find some before you have the materials to make them on your own. The first place you’ll probably see a jar is — conveniently — in the same area, near the kilns.

If you’ve already used up the jars by the kilnsman, you’ll want to craft your own. To do this, you’ll need two types of ingredients: campfire embers and clay. Campfire embers are in the same location as the jars. Use your trowel to dig up the ash piles near the kilns. On the other hand, Clay can reliably be gathered in the forest well.

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To find the well, you need to take the path east from the kilnsman and listen for the worried sounds of the well-wisher. Once there, you can use some reedy twine (gatherable from the nearby reeds) to climb down the well.

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At the bottom of the well, there should be plenty of clay piles you can dig up with your trowel. Once you have the ingredients, open up your grimoire and craft a jar. Also, note that while you’re inside the well, you’ll find water spilling from the walls that you can use to fill your new empty jars.