How to get a Secret Service helmet in Fallout 76

Dress like a real agent.

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The Secret Service Armor is the best armor you can get in Fallout 76 as long as you save up the large amount of Gold Bullion needed to purchase it. Not only does this armor have high damage resistances, but it also has a look that shows you mean business. Complete the look with the Secret Service Helmet and show the enemies of the wasteland you don’t mess around.

How to get a Secret Service Helmet

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Like the other pieces of the Secret Service armor set, you can purchase the plans for the Secret Service Helmet from Regs in Vault 79. This can only be done after you complete the questline of the Wastelanders DLC. Once that is done, you will unlock Regs as a Gold Bullion Vendor. To get the helmet plans, it will cost you a total of 1,650 Gold Bullion. If you are lucky, you can also find the plans by going to Minerva whenever she makes an appearance in the wasteland. She will typically sell the item for cheaper than Regs.

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How to craft the Secret Service Helmet

Helmets, like other pieces of armor, can be crafted at armor workbenches either in your camp or found throughout the wasteland. You will need the following materials to craft the Secret Service Helmet:

  • 1 Leather
  • 3 Plastic
  • 1 Rubber
  • 5 Steel

Unlike other parts of the armor set, the Secret Service Helmet will not come with any legendary effects on it. This is because helmets in Fallout 76 cannot have legendary effects added to them. You also can’t build the helmet at different levels like you can the rest of the armor set. There also aren’t any mods that you can purchase for the helmet which means that it is purely cosmetic.