How to Get a Storm Flip in Fortnite OG & What They Do

Unleash the storm both offensively and deffensively with Fortnite OG’s Storm Flip, the latest throwable item.

Fortnite Storm Flip

Image by Gamepur

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Storm Flips are back in Fortnite OG, so you can now cast deadly weather on your foes to eliminate them or use it to your advantage to survive.

Storm Flips debuted in Fortnite Season 9, giving players a sip of this bottled Storm. But amidst the constant game updates and new features, it’s tough to recall how you snagged the Storm Flip, let alone use it without dealing damage to yourself. In this guide, I’ll cover how to get Storm Flips and how they can be used in Fortnite OG.

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How to Get & Use a Storm Flip in Fortnite OG

Fortnite Storm Flip Uses
Screenshot by Gamepur

Storm Flips can be found inside chests and supply drops. I’ve also found them lying around as ground loot. They’re legendary items, so look for purple bottles around the arena.

Storm Flips are a throwable item in Fortnite OG, so the way they work is you aim, and then you throw. However, there is a difference in how they work when thrown inside and outside a storm. While they’ll always last for 20 seconds, the effect can be different.

When thrown inside a Storm, the Storm Flip generates a sphere that negates all damage from the Storm while you’re inside it. It can come in handy when the eye of the Storm is shrinking, and you can’t get to a safe zone fast enough.

However, when a Storm Flip is thrown outside a Storm, it will generate a sphere that deals damage as if it were a Storm. So, if you throw this at an enemy, they’ll likely go down due to the Storm, and the kill will still be attributed to you. I love using it in the smaller circles to catch out any enemies that are lurking around corners or hiding around structures to try to ambush me.

It probably goes without saying, but if you get caught inside your own Storm Flip outside the Storm, it’ll still inflict damage on you. Just be extra careful when you decide to break the glass containing this deadly Storm.