How to get a Storm Forecast from a character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Checking the weather.

One of the challenges for Wrath’s punchcard in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is to get a Storm Forecast from a character. This is fairly simple, as long you know where to go.

The map in Fortnite is covered with NPCs that can perform different functions, as long as players have Gold Bars to give them in exchange. Some of those characters can give you a storm forecast, letting you know what the storm circle will do the next time it shrinks.

Players who need a Storm Forecast can travel straight to Torin, who can be found near the Aftermath. Just to the northeast of the Aftermath, she is hanging out near one of the houses from the Primal Season. You can purchase a Storm Forecast from her for 170 Gold Bards.

Gold Bars can be earned by opening chests, cash registers, and destroying ATMS. You can also complete punchcard challenges, perform bounties at phones and NPCs, and eliminate other players to get them.

For the Wrath quest step, all you need to do is purchase the Storm Forecast from Torin, then it will complete the step. After that, you will need to get a bounty from a bounty board. There is actually a bounty board pretty nearby in Boney Burbs that you can find in the center of the town.