How to get a Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76

Get water the old-fashioned way.

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You may have seen a Vintage Water Cooler or two in some of the camps you’ve visited in Fallout 76. This popular camp item is extremely useful for gathering water and produces up to 24 Purified Water per hour. That is just as good as using a standard Water Purifier. Unfortunately, you can’t just simply get the plans for the Vintage Water Cooler to craft it yourself, though maybe you can get it as a gift.

How to get a Vintage Water Cooler

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The Vintage Water Cooler was added to Fallout 76 with the Night of the Moth update. This update changed the items that you can get from some of the seasonal events. The seasonal event that you need to participate in to get the Vintage Water Cooler is the Holiday Scorched event. During this time, the Scorched get to dress up in their favorite holiday-themed clothes and parade around town.

The Holiday Scorched event happens during the Christmas season each year. While this event is active, you need to defeat Scorched enemies that are dressed up in their holiday clothes. Doing so will get you a chance of receiving a Holiday Gift. Open the gifts you receive and you will have a chance to get the plans for the Vintage Water Cooler. You also have a small chance for the Santatron Collectron Station to gather Holiday Gifts while this event is going on.

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Unlike some specialty items that you can build in your camp, there is no limit to the number of Vintage Water Coolers you can build. To craft this item, you will need two Molded Plastic and four Wood Scraps. Provided you have both of these you can build as many Vintage Water Coolers as you want.