How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

Some high quality H2O.

Medieval Dynasty

Unless you plan on spending your life drinking from the river in Medieval Dynasty like you are some form of grazing deer, then you will need to get your hands on a waterskin. You will also want to do this as early as possible, as it will allow you to free roam the area and go hunting and foraging without needing to stick close to a river.

There are two ways to get a waterskin in the early game that won’t impact your standing with other people in a negative way. The first is to take advantage of an early game mechanic that allows you to earn some easy coins. You can make lots of stone axes and stone skinning knives and sell them to the traders in town. This will make you some easy cash, and you can buy a waterskin from Uniegost for 200 coins when you have enough.

You can also get a waterskin for free, which is always a better option. If you speak to Uniegost he will tell you that a local hunter who doesn’t like him has mentioned some wolves in the area. This chap really hates Uniegost, so Uniegost will ask you to go and find out what he knows. As Castellan, it is important that Uniegost keeps people safe, and he can’t do this unless he knows about the wolves.

Waterskin Location

Follow the waypoint to the hunter’s cabin, and make sure you stop at an area with broken fencing show on the map above. Make your way down the embankment here to a crashed cart, and inside you will find a waterskin. Because nobody owns it, you can safely take it without angering anyone or being considered a criminal.

After that, you can continue to the hunter’s home, speak with him, then report back to Uniegost with the information you discover.