How to get Addictol in Fallout 76

Cure yourself of addiction.

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There are many builds in Fallout 76 that rely on using Chems to increase the damage you deal or decrease the damage you take. Chems have a wide range of effects that make them incredibly useful. They also have the downfall of addiction. Every time you use a Chem, you run the risk of your character getting addicted to that Chem which is almost never good. Luckily, you can use Addictol to cure yourself of all your addictions. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest Chem to find.

Addictol effects

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As we stated previously, Addictol is there to cure your character of all their addictions, whether it be from Chems or alcohol. Of course, the positive effects need to come with some negative effects. When you use Addictol, it takes away a small amount of your food and water meters — it takes away two percent of your food meter and five percent of your water meter. Other than that, Addictol is safe to use.

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How to get Addictol

Unfortunately, if you are trying to get your hands on the plans to craft Addictol, they don’t exist. Out of all the Chems in Fallout 76, Addictol is one of the few that you are unable to craft. To get Addictol, you will need to search containers. We recommend getting equipping the Pharma Farma perk card to increase your chances of getting Chems from medical containers.

There are a few areas that you can search to guarantee yourself a dose of this Chem. Check the following areas to find some Addictol:

  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park – Back of the water park behind the Slither Slide.
  • Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor – Behind a desk on the main floor.
  • Eastern Regional Penitentiary – In the intake room behind the locked terminal.
  • Ella Ame’s Bunker – On the metal shelf on the wall in the lab.

Outside of searching, you are guaranteed to get three Addictol by completing the Guided Meditation public event at the Palace of the Winding Path.