How to get Ager’s Scepter – A Hollow Coronation Exotic Quest – Destiny 2

Time to get exotic.

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The Ager’s Scepter is an Exotic weapon that is introduced to Destiny 2 in the Season of the Lost. It is locked away behind four weeks of hard work and effort, so prepare to spend some time getting it.

The most important steps for getting the Ager’s Scepter are a sequence of quests called Tracing the Stars that ends in an Exotic quest called A Hollow Coronation. These must all be complete to get the Aeger’s Scepter.

The first thing to do is collected all the Atlas Skews, they can be found at the following locations:

When you have all the Skews, you need to go to the main Helm screen and click on the A Hollow Coronation node, shown below. This will bring you to the room where you can place the Skews, and the central portal should open. If it doesn’t reload the instance by clicking on the node again.

Go through the portal and try to pick the weapon up off the table. You will not be able to and the queen will need you to do some more work for her.

Stage 2

Head back to the H.E.L.M to speak with Mara Sov again. Go through the portal to get to the Dreaming City, and interact with Mara Sov to get the next quest step. You will need to collect 100 Parallax Trajectory and get final blows with a Rifle in the Astral Alignment activity to clear this step.

Stage 3

After that, you will need to kill Champions and get final blows with your Super in Astral Alignment. You will need 18 Champion kills, and 20 kills with your Super.

Stage 4

Collect Strands of Nobility from across the system by completing the following Strikes:

  • Lake of Shadows (EDZ)
  • The Disgraced (Cosmodrome)
  • The Glassway (Europa)

After that, return to Mara Sov at the Dreaming City to get the Noble Seal then load back into the Hollow Coronation node again to get the Ager’s Scepter. You will need to battle your way back out against some Hive, and then speak with Mara once more.

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