How to get all Cherry Blossom DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Cherry Blossom DIY recipes are now available.

Screengrab via Nintendo

April introduces a new season to Animal Crossing: New Horizons with plenty of things for you to do. The start of the month has Bunny Day from Apr. 1 to 12 where you can collect a variety of eggs to craft limited-time seasonal projects. There are plenty of brand new bugs and fish for you to capture, too. They become available at the start of the month, and for a limited time. During this time, you can also start to collect Cherry Blossom petals, which you can use in unique Cherry Blossom DIY projects. How do you get these projects, and what else do you need to craft them?

To obtain the limited-time Cherry Blossom DIY projects, you need to capture them using your slingshot to shoot them out of the sky where they’re hidden inside of the balloons you see floating around your island. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get them, so obtaining the ones you’re after is a little bit random. As long as you carry your trusty slingshot on you, though, you should always be prepared to obtain them. You do need Cherry Blossom petals to craft all of these items, which you can get from the falling petals you see floating around the area. You can capture them with your net.

These are the recipes you can find falling to the ground from the many presents floating around in the sky:

  • Blossom viewing lantern:
    • 6 cherry blossom petals
    • 4 hardwood
  • Cherry blossom Wand:
    • 3 cherry blossom petals
    • 3 star Fragments
  • Cherry blossom pochette:
    • 6 cherry blossom petals
  • Cherry blossom pond stone:
    • 10 stone
    • 3 cherry blossom petals
  • Cherry blossom petal pile:
    • 5 cherry blossom petal pile
  • Cherry blossom bonsai:
    • 6 cherry blossom petals
    • 2 hardwood
    • 3 weeds
    • 3 clay
  • Cherry blossom branches:
    • 8 cherry blossom petals
    • 4 tree branches
    • 5 clay
  • Cherry blossom clock:
    • 5 cherry blossom petals
    • 1 iron nugget
  • Cherry blossom trees wall:
    • 10 cherry blossom petals
    • 5 hardwood
  • Cherry blossom flooring:
    • 10 cherry blossom petals
    • 20 weeds
  • Cherry blossom umbrella:
    • 7 cherry blossom petals
  • Outdoor picnic set:
    • 10 cherry blossom petals
  • Sakura flooring:
    • 5 cherry blossom petals
    • 10 wood
  • Sakura wood wall:
    • 5 cherry blossom petals
    • 10 wood

All of these recipes are obtained from the floating balloons you see hovering over this season. However, some players have shared that the Isabelle gave them the outdoor picnic set DIY recipe following the morning announcement during the season. Either way, be on the lookout for these recipes during April and make sure to obtain as many Cherry Blossom petals as you can to craft them all before time runs out.