How to get an arranged marriage in BitLife

Arranged marriages happen in BitLife.

Image via Candywriter LLC

You can have an arranged marriage set up in BitLife. To do this, you have to follow a few steps to make it happen.

You need to be born and operate in certain countries, such as Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Japan. If you’re not, you likely won’t encounter any of the arranged marriages available in the game. It also applies to those who are first-generation immigrants living in another country. The parents of your character may have already set one up.

How an arranged marriage works is your parents choose someone of the opposite gender for you to marry. You have to be with them, regardless of how you feel about them regarding their stats, relationship, or if your character is gay. You may see your parents attempting to offer you to marry the same person multiple times over your playthrough.

Whenever they arrange the marriage, though, you do have the option to refuse to marry the individual they offer you. Doing this does lower your relationship with both parents, so you’ll likely want to avoid doing this if you want this to remain high. Alternatively, you can divorce this spouse later on in the game.

You have the option to disrupt this marriage by successfully marrying your significant other to prevent your parents from consistently offer you to a marriage on your behalf. These can be good, but they can also be bad. You can choose to take them at your discretion, but don’t feel forced, unless your relationship with your parents is important to you.

Mostly, if you start your BitLife character in one of the above-mentioned countries, you can expect an arranged marriage to popup from your parents.