How to get and find the anthill BURG.L research chip in Grounded

Make sure to bring a torch.

Research chips are hidden all over Grounded, and you need to them to unlock additional crafting recipes. When you find one, hold onto it until you return to the base of the oak tree and you can speak with your friendly BURG.L robot. These research chips allow him to share with you new ideas that you can take back to your camp, but he will only provide you with any of the recipes if you give him raw science, a resource you can find hidden all over the game and by analyzing new resources you find.

How to get into the anthill

The anthill is to the northwest of the first field station you find in Grounded. You can easily find workers milling around the region, collecting various types of foods to bring back to the others. There are a handful of soldiers wandering nearby, and they will respond to you, or other insects, outright attacking the workers. These soldiers are aggressive and they will attack anything that is not another ant. To get around them, you have to craft the entire ant armor set, and place it on. With it, you can freely navigate the anthill without any of the other ants bothering you. You can assimilate, and freely navigate it without worrying about fighting the entire nest.

How to find the BURG.L research chip

After infilitrating the anthill with your ant armor, the next tough part is navigating through it to locate the BURG.L research chip. There’s no easy way to move through the catacombs. There are plenty of twist and turns, and you could spend a lot of your time running into dead ends, or finding yourself caught between an army of ants. Luckily, with the ant armor, you can spend as much time as you need to exploring. The BURG.L research chip is inside one of the food chambers. It’s not too deep in, but right before we were able to find it, we found ourselves face to face with an army of ant soldiers if that gives you any indication of where to find it. The food chamber should be right below it, and it’s tucked away in one of the corners of the room, against the wall.

After you find it, take it back to BURG.L to unlock additional crafting upgrades you can exchange for raw science.