How to not be attacked by ants and explore the anthill in Grounded

Active camouflage.

Ants are everywhere inĀ Grounded, and they’re an exceptionally active bunch. You have workers who are busily rushing about trying to gather up resources for the anthill, and the soldiers protect them, fighting any foe they encounter, including you. The ant soldiers are pretty tough early on in the game, and if you want to work your way towards making a bomb, you need to acquire ant eggs, which are buried underground in their nest. They won’t let you walk in, though. There’s one trick you can do to avoid being attacked by ants, and that’s to wear the complete set of ant armor.

How to research ant armor

There are three parts to the ant armor set: the headpiece, chest, and leggings. You can learn how to craft these recipes by analyzing any ant pieces you acquire, so you need to take down an ant. A quick way to do this is to wait until its early in the morning and find a lone worker. The workers only take a few hits from your pebblet axe to take out. When it’s dead, take the remains back to a field station to learn how to craft each of the pieces. You need to take out several more workers to complete the set.

How to craft the full ant armor

Here are all of the parts and ingredients to creating the full ant armor set.

Ant Helmet

  • One ant head
  • Three ant parts
  • Five mite fuzz

Ant Arm Guards

Ant Knee Guards

Most of the mentioned ingredients come off the ant workers, except for the mite fuzz, acid glands, and woven fiber. You can find the little red mites all over the game, primarily in the tall grass, and the woven fiber comes from the many plant fibers you can find absolutely anywhere you travel. The acid glands are a bit tougher because it comes from the larger insects in the game, but you can also get them off the soldier ants. While these are more fearsome than the workers, you should be able to take them out by dodging their charge attacks and outmaneuvering them. For those who prefer ranged and have Sprig bow, it doesn’t hurt to rely on that.

Once you have all of the ingredients you need, you have the build these armor pieces at a workbench. With the entire armor set on your character, feel free to walk up to any of the ant soldiers or venture into the anthill underground. None of the workers will obviously attack you, but neither will the soldier ants, which are traditionally aggressive to anything that is not another ant. It’s a great way to explore an anthill, and you can even use it to venture into their nest to acquire ant eggs.