How to get and upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in the Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes 2022

Glow up with this new armor set.

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The Candescent Armor set is the annual armor you can unlock and upgrade during the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event. This armor set is earned through the event quest. This guide will guide you through the steps necessary to get the Candescent Armor set and how to upgrade it when it’s in your hands.

How to get the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2

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After you select your character, head to the Tower and visit everybody’s favorite party planner, Eva Levante. She will be the vendor for the duration of the solstice event and provide everything you need to start earning this new armor. Speak with her, and she will grant you a bundle containing the complete Candescent Armor set. You must have one empty armor slot in each section to obtain this bundle.

The next step to upgrading this armor is to equip the whole set. Once you do, the next quest step will be given to you. After putting the armor on, speak to Eva Levante to progress to the next step.

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After talking with her, she will award you a small amount of Silver Leaves. Silver Leaves is a Solstice event currency used to help upgrade your new set of armor. With these Silver Leaves in hand, you must venture into the Bonfire Bash Activity to transform these Silver Leaves into Silver Ash. The Bonfire Bash Activity node is located in the Tower.

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Select this node, then launch the new Bonfire Bash activity. This unique mode is only 1350 Light Level, which makes it possible for entry-level players to participate.

How to upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2

After returning to the Tower and speaking with Eva, the Celebrating Solstice event will be complete. You must look at the event card she possesses and claim the challenge you completed. This will award you with your first piece of Kindling.

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This Kindling has to be used in one of the new event sockets the Candescent Armor comes with. Use Kindling on the armor piece of your choice to advance to the next step.

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Once you have inserted a piece of Kindling into a piece of armor, you must spend the Silver Ash you earned in the Bonfire Bash event to reroll the stats. Imbuing armor with embers increases its stats most of the time; there is a possibility that the armor’s stat total will decrease.

Each piece of armor can be upgraded three times. The first upgrade will apply Glowing Embers. The second upgrade will apply Shining Embers, and the final upgrade applied to the armor is called Stat sparks.

Upon the third and final Kindling upgrade, you will unlock a white glow for it. Once you upgrade a helmet with a piece of Kindling, every Candescent Helmet earned will already have that same equipment tier unlocked. Stat Spark upgrades will guarantee a minimum of +20 in any stat you desire, making this the best way to farm a powerful end-game armor set with the exact stats you’re looking for.

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The general flow for upgrading and rerolling armor stats is as follows.

  • Earn Silver Leaves from completing in-game activities.
  • Complete the Bonfire Bash Activity to convert Silver Leaves into Silver Ash
  • Earn Kindling from Event Challenges on the Quest screen.
  • Use Silver Ashes to level up the Kindling on the Candescent Armor.

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Earning Silver Leaves is the biggest roadblock to frequent armor upgrades, so fast activities such as Vanguard Operations or Crucible matches are recommended. While completing these activities, wearing the full armor set will also award you more Silver Leaves than only wearing some of the pieces. Remember this crucial step to help you upgrade the Candescent Armor set efficiently while playing Destiny 2.