How to get Anemo and Geo Treasure Compass in Genshin Impact

X marks the spot.

Genshin Impact

The Adepti Seeker’s Stove in Genshin Impact is a reward that can be obtained through the City Reputation system. This system will be added to the game in Update 1.1 on November 11. It allows you to complete quests, bounties, and requests for NPCs in the game’s cities, earning rank and rewards while doing so. Each city in the game has it’s own Reputation, and you can earn rank by doing missions, quests, bounties, and other activities in that region.

To get the Anemo and Geo Treasure Compass you will need to hit the following ranks in the relevant cities:

  • Anemo Treasure Compass – hit Rank 6 in Mondstadt
  • Geo Treasure Compass – hit Rank 6 in Liyue

Hitting these ranks will get you to the relevant blueprints to build the compasses. You can build them at any crafting bench using the required ingredients. The Anemo Treasure Compass will only work in Mondstadt, and the Geo Treasure Compass will only work in Liyue.

When activated they will cause a golden wisp of energy to point from the player character ot the nearest Treasure Chest. If you follow it, you will find the chest. If there are no nearby chests the the gadget will ender a five second cooldown, but if a chest is found it will enter a 30 second cooldown.