How to get around the Manifestation of Pride bug in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

That’s anger you’re swelling with, not pride

Blizzard recently applied a hotfix to an issue that was plaguing Mytic+ dungeons for players in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which currently has Prideful activated as an affix. The bug was causing Belligerent Boast missiles to randomly shoot in incorrect directions, and while that issue has been taken care of, we now have a new one to deal with.

As Mythic+ players know, the Prideful affix builds while you defeat non-boss enemies throughout a dungeon. Eventually, the energy generated from killing the enemies forms a Manifestation of Pride. When you kill the Manifestation, your party gets a massive boost to their damage, healing, movement speed, and mana restoration for a full minute.

Currently, the bug in Prideful is taking the interactivity away from all Manifestations of Pride. Players are unable to click them, kill them, or even acknowledge their presence. The Manifestations just linger in the air, and you can’t do anything with them. This takes away the added benefit of killing the Manifestations and taking the buffs with you into a boss fight.

Thankfully, Prideful doesn’t have a huge effect on Mythic+ dungeons, and you can safely ignore a Manifestation of Pride as you work your way through the dungeon. You’ll have much bigger things to worry about, like the fact that Bolstering is in rotation for Mythic+ dungeons.