How to get Augur Reach in Warframe

Increase your reach with this useful mod.


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Augur Reach is part of the Augur set of mods in Warframe. It will increase the range of abilities and can be stacked with other range increasing mods. It is advantageous on Warframes with area-of-effect abilities. Ember, Frost, Nova, Saryn, and Oberon can all benefit significantly from this mod if you are planning a build that needs as much ability range as possible. 

As we all as affecting ability range, the Augur Reach mod also has a bonus, which will increase with each additional Augur mod you are using. The Augur set bonus is the conversion of energy spent on abilities into shields. If all six Augur mods are used in a loadout, then +240 percent of expended energy will be converted into shields.

How to get Augur Reach

Augur Reach can be obtained by completing bounties for Konzu at Cetus, on Earth. Visit Konzu near the gates to the Plains of Eidolon in Cetus, and interact with him to see the bounties he has available. Each bounty will have marked rewards that can drop when a stage is complete. The Augur Reach mod can be in the rewards pool for level 30-50 bounties. They are random drops, so you might need to grind the bounty to get the reward you are looking for.

The mod can also drop from the Recon Commander Grinner enemy, which appears during assassination bounties on the Plains of Eidolon as the assassination target.

Augur Reach Stats

RankAbility RangeCapacity Cost
0+5 percent2
1+10 percent3
2+15 percent4
3+20 percent5
4+25 percent6
5+30 percent7

Augur Set Mods

  • Augur Accord
  • Augur Message
  • Augur Pact
  • Augur Reach
  • Augur Secrets
  • Augur Seeker