How to get Balanced Flavors in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021

Precise ingredients.

Image via Bungie

The Balanced Flavors ingredient is vital for The Dawning holiday event in Destiny 2. You’ll need it if you want to craft Bittersweet Biscotti for the Crow or Hot Crossfire Buns for Ada-1. You can only obtain this ingredient in a specific way, and it can be easy to miss out if you’re not careful. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Balanced Flavors in Destiny 2 and how to best farm it during The Dawning.

You can only have the Balanced Flavors ingredient drop by eliminating enemies by using a Bow, Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, or a Pulse Rifle. You have several weapons to pick from in your arsenal, so selecting one shouldn’t be too difficult. The real challenge is finding the best location to earn Balanced Flavors reliably.

We’ve found completing Public Events are likely the best way to do this, given you can give yourself plenty of distance from the main horde to set up well-aimed shots using these precision weapons. Also, if you land a Precision kill against an enemy using these, you can obtain the Perfect Taste ingredient, which is another core ingredient for several The Dawning recipes.

Once you have enough Balanced Flavors, return to your Holiday Oven and begin cooking the Bittersweet Biscotti and the Hot Crossfire Buns. These are all of the ingredients you need to complete these recipes.

Bittersweet Biscotti

  • 1 Dark Ether Cane
  • 1 Balanced Flavors
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

The Bittersweet Biscotti will go to Crow. You can find him behind the stairs in the H.E.L.M, or you can visit him in Tangled Shore in the Spider’s Lair.

Hot Crossfire Buns

  • 1 Ether Cane
  • 1 Balanced Flavors
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

You need to give these to Ada-1. You find them on the Tower, in the Annex portion of the region.