How to get Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit in Genshin Impact

Dressing for the beach.

For the first time since launch, outfits will be making their way to Genshin Impact, allowing players to dress up certain characters with a different look. This is of major interest to players, and they are wondering you can get the outfits.

At the moment, the only two characters with outfits available will be Barbara and Jean, and they outfits will become available in Genshin Impact’s 1.6 update.

How to get the Barbara Summertime Sparkle outfit

To get Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit, players will need to take part in the Echoing Tales event that will be coming in the 1.6 update. During the upcoming event, new items called Echoing Conches will be found all over the Midsummer Islands archipelago, a new area that will be added to the game for a limited time.

By collecting the Echoing Conches, not only can you listen to some interesting stories and tales, but you can also get Barbara’s new outfit if you accumulate enough Conches.

You will need to collect 24 of them in total to earn the Summertime Sparkle outfit as a reward from the event, so make sure you track them down as soon as you can.