All Echoing Conch shell locations Genshin Impact Day 2 Act 2 – Echoing Tales

A whole lot more.

In Act 2 of the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Genshin Impact, players will need to investigate some strange devices that will end up making the islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago much larger. This also means a lot more Echoing Conches will appear on the new islands.

In this guide, we will show you where to find all the Day 2 Act 2 Echoing Conches. If you need the first day, you can find them in this guide. There is also a video guide that you may find useful, as some of these are in pretty awkward locations that may not be obvious from the maps provided below.

All Act 2 Echoing Conch Locations

4-2 Stoic Bloom – central island

4-3 Homeland – central island

7-8 Pudding Isle – Pro-Exit Persuasion

2-1 North of Pudding Isle – The Trapped

5-1 Pudding Isle – Professional Attempt

7-1 Twinning Isle – Wisdom of the Ancients

1-5 Twinning Isle – The Clan of Song, Scattered

1-2 Twinning Isle – Two Paths Through the Lonely Forrest

7-2 Twinning Isle – Incoming Tide

5-3 Twinning Isle – Moon and Tide

1-1 Twinning Isle – Five Mountains Hide The Little Village

5-5 Twinning Isle – Sail and Escape

3-2 New island in the northwest – A Father’s Thought

3-3 New island in the northwest – Mysterious Saviour

3-1 new island west of Twinning Isle – Sudden Attack

2-2 new island west of Twinning Isle – Where Duty Lies

5-4 northwest corner of the map – Sone and Phantom

5-2 Island to the far west of Minacious Isle – Fog and Exit

7-5 Minacious Isle – Inverted Ruins

7-3 Minacious Isle – Nowhere to Run

7-4 Minacious Isle – The Outside World

7-9 Broken Isle – Tidewatch Sentries

7-10 Broken Isle – High Tide Warning