How to Get Camo Credits During Apex Legends’ Post Malone Event

Post Malone’s Three Strikes event in Apex Legends adds a new mode and currency, Camo Credits, but earning that currency is challenging.


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Camo Credits are the time-limited currency players can earn during the Apex Legends Post Malone Three Strikes event. It’s essential for purchasing all the exclusive cosmetics on offer, but it doesn’t come for free. It must be earned.

Post Malone’s Three Strikes event adds a new game mode to Apex Legends during Season 19 Ignite and allows players to unlock skins for their favorite Legends based on the artist’s tour outfits. These are among the most exclusive cosmetics in the game, and they can only be acquired by earning Camo Credits through the event. They’re also the only way to get one of 250 Post Malone Bomber Jackets.

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How to Get Camo Credits in Apex Legends

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To get Camo Credits in Apex Legends, fans must play Apex Legends during the Post Malone Three Strikes event and complete event challenges. These can be found in the seasonal tab under the challenges sub-tab. There’s a separate listing for the Post Malone Event, where the challenges that award Camo Credits can be found.

This is the only way to earn Camo Credits in Apex Legends. By completing these challenges, players will get between 25 and 100 Camo Credits to spend on exclusive cosmetics from the in-game store. These are time-limited and highly desirable, especially for Post Malone fans.

What to Do With Camo Credits in Apex Legends

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Camo Credits can be used to purchase Apex Legends Post Malone Three Strikes cosmetics. These can only be purchased while the Post Malone Three Strikes event is live from the in-game event store. This is in the Seasonal tab on the home screen, under the Reward Shop sub-tab.

On the right-hand side of the screen is a tracker for the amount of Camo Credits a player has earned. Players can earn a maximum of 285 per day during the two-week event, so they’ll need to pick what they want to buy carefully.

Some items in the store also have a limit on how many of them can be purchased, but they offer incredible rewards. A good example of this is the Ignite Sweepstakes Token. Players can buy up to five of these each day. They enter players into a sweepstakes to potentially win one of 250 Three Strikes Apex Legends Post Malone Bomber Jackets. We’re putting all our Camo Credits into them because we have to own one of those jackets.