How to get Cerberus in Roblox Adopt Me’s Halloween 2020 event

A Halloween item you can grab in Adopt Me.

An adorable creature has returned to Roblox Adopt Me for the game’s Halloween 2020 event. The three-headed dog, Cerberus, guardian of the underworld, loyal servant to Hades, has emerged from its slumber and can be yours if you know how to unlock it. You can find Cerberus in the Halloween store, but don’t worry. It won’t be going away once the Halloween 2020 update ends on November 11.

You can purchase Cerberus from the Halloween shop, and the quickest way to get over to it is to click the Halloween Update icon on the left side of your screen. Your character will be transported to the store where you can find Cerberus in the back, on the right side. It should be alongside the other pets that you can unlock by participating in the Halloween 2020 event. Those pets you can only get by using Halloween candy, which an exclusive currency. But Cerberus requires you to use Robux.

Robux is a premium currency you can only purchase by directly buying it from the Roblox store. Cerberus costs 500 Robux to buy it, and that means you’d have to spend $9.99 from the Roblox store to earn it. You don’t need to purchase it immediately because Cerberus will remain available after the event. Still, it’s not an item you can earn by doing any of the Adopt Me Halloween minigames or earning the Halloween candy.