How to get Chaser Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Don’t let them escape.


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You earn Emblems with every Trial you complete in Dead by Daylight. However, they’re not just handed to you. Instead, each one has specific requirements you need to meet in a Trial, and you can upgrade them to increase your rewards. This guide explains how to get Chaser Emblems in Dead by Daylight and offers some tips on how to improve their quality.

How do you get Chaser Emblems?

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The Chaser Emblem is awarded to Killers for the effort they put into chasing Survivors. This means that you must stay on top of the Survivors in the Trial and run after them relentlessly. Every time you find a Survivor, it sparks a chase, so you’ll gain a few points. You get more points for winning the chase, which you do by hitting the Survivor twice so that they’re downed and can be picked up. The better you are at chasing, the better the quality of your Emblem.

These Emblems are essential for pushing up your Killer level. This level determines what rewards you’ll get when the Survivor and Killer levels reset on the 13th of every month. The higher that level, the more currencies you’ll be awarded, and the more cosmetics you can buy.

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How to increase Chaser Emblem quality

You can do a few things to improve the quality of your Chaser Emblem. As we’ve mentioned, merely spotting a Survivor adds points, so try to keep moving and spot as many Survivors as you can. Holding a chase will accumulate points, but you can’t give Survivors an easy ride. Hit them, down them, and hook them if you can. However, you can’t remain close to a Survivor once they’ve been hooked because this will remove points from your Chaser Emblem. Instead, hook a Survivor and then run off searching for your next victim. The Dredge is the perfect Killer for this because it can quickly teleport away from a hooked Survivor.