How to get Cherubi in Pokémon GO

If you want a Cherubi, it’s time to visit the park.

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

Cherubi is a Grass-type Pokémon that you can find in Pokémon GO. It has a max CP of 950, 108 Attack, 92 Defense, and 128 Stamina. You can get Cherubi from 5km Eggs that can be acquired by spinning PokéStops, or you might get lucky and find it in the wild in grassy areas. If you have a park, or some other large green area, near you, then this is an excellent place to search for Cherubi. You can also try and use Mossy Lures, which will attract Grass-types.

How to evolve Cherubi into Cherrim

Cherubi can evolve into Cherrim, but the evolutionary form will only be Overcast at this point. Cherrim that appear in the wild will have a different form depending on the weather. Sunny weather will result in the Cherrim taking the Sunshine Cherrim form, and all other weather will result in Cherrim taking the Overcast Cherrim form. This means you cannot evolve a Sunshine Cherrim; you can only get one by catching it in the wild. Evolving Cherubi into Cherrim will require 50 candies.

The best way to get a Sunshine Cherrim is to find a grassy area with a lot of PokéStop, then use a Mossy Lure when the weather is sunny. Cherrim also won’t change form after you catch it. A Sunshine Cherrim will always be in that form, and an Overcast Cherrim will still retain the Overcast form. If you want to fill that Pokédex, you will need to find a Sunshine Cherrim in the wild.

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