How to get Chipped Oldbone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Grab these resources for your weapon and armor projects.

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Chipped Oldbone is one of the many resources in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you will need to find to upgrade your weapons and armor. It will be used in a handful of sets you can add to your collection, boosting your overall prowess as a hunter and making the tougher Master Rank hunts significantly easier. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get Chipped Oldbone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find Chipped Oldbone

Chipped Oldbone will be available primarily in the Citadel region. You can find it by harvesting many of the bone piles in this area, but it has a relatively low chance of appearing. We did not receive it every time we gathered from these nodes, but it appeared every so often. The best way to adequately acquire enough for any weapon and armor crafting projects will be to take your Palamute and run through the area, grabbing as many as you can harvest in a Master Rank quest or expedition.

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These are all the locations you can find Chipped Oldbone in the Citadel area.

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You can visit the Citadel at any time after unlocking it. We recommend grabbing a Master Rank expedition quest as you can quickly move throughout the area without worrying about fighting larger monsters. Alternatively, there’s always the choice to have our buddies go on missions on your behalf, although there’s a chance they will not obtain the Chipped Oldbone while exploring the area. This process will also take longer.