How to Get Dagath in Warframe & Is it Worth it?

Dagath is the 54th Warframe and the most horrific by a long way, but it’s tough to know how to get it and if it’s worth the work or money.

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Image via Digital Extremes

Dagath is the 54th Warframe to be released by Digital Extremes. It was added to the game with the Abyss of Dagath Update and gives players the ability to do all sorts of neat tricks while flitting around the battlefield like a spooky demon.

Most players are prepared for a slog when a new Warframe drops because picking them up requires a fair bit of grinding. While Dagath is no different, it’s more worthwhile to put the effort in to get it than it is with many other Warframes. So adding to the collection is a must in the post-Duviri era. The only concern is how to get Dagath.

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How to Get Dagath in Warframe

Image via Digital Extremes

There are two ways to get Dagath in Warframe. First, players can be purchased from the in-game Market for Platinum, unlike Grendel Prime which requires Prime Access to purchase. Players acquiring her this way will have instant access to using her and won’t need to grind any of the Abyss of Dagath content unless they want to craft her weapon.

The second way to get Dagath is by building and visiting the Dagath’s Hollow Dojo. This location will explore the story of Dagath and give players the ability to get her Blueprints. From there, they’ll need to grind for a new resource called Vainthorn to craft each part of her and eventually add her to their collection.

How to Get Vainthorn in Warframe

Vainthorn is a reward in Warframe that players earn by completing missions in the Abyssal Zone Exterminate Node. Players need to purchase Abyssal Beacons from Syndicates in Warframe that they’re at Rank 2 or higher with for 5,000 Standing.

Players will then hop into modified Exterminate missions with two objectives to exterminate the required amount of enemies and recover Defixio by getting to the extraction point. Once the mission is complete, players will be awarded with Vainthorn. They’ll have to keep replaying these missions by purchasing Abyssal Beacons and repeating the process until they’ve got enough Vainthorn to craft Dagath in her entirety. This is a great time to get in a lot of kills very quickly.

Is Dagath Worth it in Warframe

Image via Digital Extremes

Dagath is a very different type of Warframe, but one that offers some real value in combat. It can mercilessly wreak havoc on enemies with a massive burst of Viral damage and push Doom onto pretty much anything that looks at it. This will apply a debuff to foes that Dagath can take advantage of and even thrive from.

However, Dagath is very much a close range Warframe. Its abilities don’t lend themselves to players who want to stay back and help support their allies. It needs to be in the thick of it, getting hit and dealing even more damage than players thought possible.

For us, as close-range players who love a messy Warframe with crazy abilities, Dagath is worth it. For those who want specific builds and really specific abilities, it’s probably worth skipping. However, we’d say it’s worth collecting just to have and say it’s been earned. The abilities breakdown below should sell any players on the fence on Dagath and get them seeking her out.

All Dagath Warframe Abilities

Dagath has some seriously creepy abilities for players who think it’s worth picking up. We’ve listed these and how they work below so everyone can make an informed decision.

  • Abundant Abyss (Passive): There’s a chance that picked up Energy and Health Orbs will be 300% more effective.
  • Wyrd Scythes: Dagath summons Wyrd Scythes around herself and sends them out to seek enemies. Anyone hit by them is struck by viral damage and slowed. These Scythes also spread Doom and extend its duration. This counts as Dagath’s Helminth and Railjack Abilities.
  • Doom: Enemies afflicted with Doom have a portion of the initial damage Dagath deals to them dealt again by a Wyrd Scyth. Viral damage is dealt on top of this.
  • Grave Spirit: This ability supercharges Dagath’s weapons with additional critical damage. Effects are doubled for Doomed enemies. Dagath can also assume a spectral form to dodge incoming killing blows.
  • Rakhali’s Cavalry: This ability causes Dagath to summon phantom Kaithes that charge forward and hit enemies with Viral damage. The attacks also stip defenses from Doomed enemies.