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How to get Dragon Talon in Blox Fruits

Unleash the enhanced power of the dragon and conquer the seas.

Blox Fruits is an amazing One Piece anime-based Roblox game that lets players explore a vast open world and embark on exciting adventures. One of the game’s most sought-after fighting styles is Dragon Talon, which is exclusive to the Third Sea. Mastering this fighting style can boost your combat abilities and help you defeat tough opponents. This guide will show you how to obtain the Dragon Talon with its requirements.

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How to learn Dragon Talon in Blox Fruits

To learn Dragon Talon, you must first learn Dragon Breath and master it to level 400. You also need 5,000 Fragments, 3,000,000 Beli, and a Fire Essence. You can get fragments by completing various raids and other methods. Getting Beli is also simple; you get it for doing basically everything.

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To get Fire Essence, head to the Haunter Castle in the Third Sea and look for the graveyard on the right side. Inside the main building of the graveyard, you will find Death King. Talk to him, and he will ask you to give 50 bones for a random surprise, and one of these surprises is Fire Essence.

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Getting Fire Essence is the real trouble, as it depends on your luck. Furthermore, you can only use Death King 10 times every two hours. If you don’t get lucky, we recommend grinding for the bones by killing the skeletons at the graveyard, so you have the required bones to do again.

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Once you get Fire Essence, head to the big gear on the top of the Hunted Castle. Inside that big gear, you will find Uzoth, and talking to him will bring up the pop-up to learn the Dragon Talon. Remember, you can give him Fire Essence and fulfill other requirements later to get Dragon Talon in Blox Fruits.

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