How to get faster ADS times with snipers in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer

Quickscoping is still very much alive in this latest installment.

Press Still from Call of Duty Vanguard

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With Call of Duty: Vanguard implementing its brand new Combat Pacing feature, multiplayer matches have become jam-packed with players, ultimately rewarding the run-and-gun play-style over anything else. Thus, for snipers, the most crucial element to taking on these speedy opponents is by having a blazing fast aim down sights time (or ADS). Starting out, zooming in will be unbearably slow, but there are several ways to beef this ability up dramatically.

Finding out which attachments are best for your ADS

Another new feature added this year is the option to see your gun’s exact ADS speed statistic. This can be gleamed when hovering over any given attachment and pressing either the RT or R2 trigger (depending on your platform). Once you pull this up, choose the attachments that lend the lowest ADS time. However, keep your eye out for your sniper’s last unlockable barrel, as this will speed up your ADS by around 9.5 percent.

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The fastest aiming snipers in Vanguard

Although you may have all the attachments unlocked for your weapon, you may get an even quicker time out of one of the other two snipers. With the best ADS-friendly attachments on each sniper, we found that the Type 99 is by far the fastest currently out, with it needing only 0.459 of a second to reach full zoom. Trailing behind that, the Kar98k comes in at .481 of a second, while the 3-Line Rifle’s max ADS speed requires about .514 of a second.

If these previous tips still find you struggling with blasting nearby enemies, the Settings menu does offer options that can alter the sensitivity of your scope once zoomed in. For this, head to the menu’s Controller category and increase the ADS Sensitivity Multiplier by just a tad. As the default sensitivity is reminiscent of those in Black Ops Cold War, boosting this may lend longtime players a more comforting feel.

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