How to get Fate Points in Genshin Impact

May luck be on your side.

The hunt for better weapons and characters in Genshin Impact can feel a little daunting. Players need to rely on the Wish systems to get the best 5-Star characters and weapons and means spending lots of Primogems.

In Genshin Impact 2.0, a new system was brought in specifically for the weapons banner called the Epitomized Path. This way you can select which 5-Star from that Banner you want, and if you don’t succeed when wishing on the banner, your next wish will have an improved chance of rewarding you with the weapon you want.

Every time a wish generates a 5-Star weapon but fails to give you the weapon you want, you will receive a Fate Point. When you get two Fate Points, your subsequent wish will guarantee you the weapon you have selected on the Epitomized Path.

The two important aspects to remember is that none of this works without selecting a weapon on the Epitomized Path, so make sure you have one ticked by going into the Wish menu and looking at the weapons banner. Secondly, you only receive a Fate Point when you pull a 5-Star that is NOT the one you want.

This means you could end up pulling up to two other 5-Star weapons before getting the one you really wanted on your NEXT pull. You still need to make that final wish to actually get the weapon in question.