How to Get Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite

Pop that bottle and chug it all to get a shield and low-grave boost. Here’s how to get the Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite.

Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite

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Another week, another item is added to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: The Flowberry Fizz. However, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill addition.

I’m averse to most throwables in Fortnite, mostly because they all suck this season. When it comes to consumables, however, I think Epic Games has passed with flying colors this time around. This Fortnite season sees the addition of Flowberry Fizz, a brand-new rare consumable that promises to replenish all of your shields and provide a low-grav boost. If this sounds interesting, then you’ll definitely want to find out where to get and how to use Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

Where to Find Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite

Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite Location
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Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite can be found as floor loot, inside chests, by taking down supply drones or claiming a POI. It’s a rare consumable, but you’ll run into it pretty easily.

I actually found my first Flowberry Fizz in my first match. I just landed in Pleasant Piazza, which wasn’t even a Golden POI at the time, and scouted a building. It was lying on the floor next to a bed. Here’s a breakdown of the drop chance for Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite:

  • 15% chance as floor loot
  • 20% chance inside chests
  • 20% chance from supply drops
  • 20% chance from POI claims

How to Use Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite

Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite Uses
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Fortnite’s Flowberry Fizz is a consumable that grants 100% shields and low-grav to you and your allies if you’re playing in duo, trio, or group modes.

What makes Flowberry Fizz especially cool, besides the fact that its use emote is a bit like popping champagne, is the fact that it doesn’t consume upon use. If you drink a large shield potion, it’ll consume upon use, regardless of whether it actually restored 50% or 25%. Flowberry Fizz restores shields continuously. If you stop drinking after restoring 50% shield, the remaining 50% will stay in your inventory until you feel like consuming it.

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The low-grav also helps you traverse areas much faster and take higher leaps. This works wonders when you’re making your way across the new Fortnite map’s areas like Pleasant Piazza or Hazy Hillside.

But if those two factors weren’t enough to sell you on Fortnite’s Flowberry Fizz, don’t forget that it’s a group consumable. Drink it with nearby allies, and they’ll also gain both shields and the low-grav effect. Honestly, not even the now-removed Ice Grappler was this good. Here’s hoping it sticks around for the long run.