How to get Gold Ingots in V Rising

All that glitters is gold.

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As you advance in power as a vampire in V Rising, you need to upgrade your gear constantly. There are plenty of resources for you to track down in the game, most of them coming from the creepy monsters and foolhardy heroes that litter the game. In the late stages of the game, you’ll need the rare Gold Ingots to craft the best armor and weapons. Gold Ingots aren’t something that will drop, so you’ll need to gather materials and get crafting before you’re able to take on those late-game bosses.

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Where and how to craft Gold Ingots in V Rising

Because Gold Ingots aren’t dropped by enemies, you need to craft them. Getting the recipe for it isn’t an easy task; you’ll need to head to Brighthaven Cathedral and defeat Azariel the Sunbringer. He is a Level 68 vampire, so expect him to give you plenty of trouble.

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What is the recipe to craft Gold Ingots

Defeating Azariel will unlock the recipe for Gold Ingots. Crafting them requires eight Gold Jewelry and eight Sulphur, plus a furnace to bake it all together in. Sulphur is pretty easy to find, considering it can be farmed in early areas. However, Gold Jewelry is more challenging to get your hands on.

Brighthaven Cathedral has Gold Jewelry listed in its Important Loot, so it is a good place to earn some. Brighthaven Square also has Gold Jewelry in the lootable containers scattered around the area. Finally, the Paladins, Clerics, and Priests in Brighthaven Docks and Brighthaven Slums have a high chance of dropping Gold Jewelry when they are defeated. This means that Brighthaven is, by far, the best place to farm this rare material.

Another place that players can get Gold Jewelry from is the Silverlight Hills. All the human enemies in this area can drop the resource, but this is one of the more dangerous regions of V Rising, so it is usually best to look elsewhere when trying to craft enough Gold Ingots to upgrade your gear.