How to Get Guns in Ship it! Express Mode in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Ship it! Express limited time thrown weapons only mode for Winterfest 2023. So how to players keep getting guns?

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Ship it! Express is a time-limited mode in Fortnite for Winterfest 2023. It removes all firearms and forces players to eliminate opponents using only thrown weapons. However, somehow, we keep getting beaten by players with various guns in their loadouts.

Winterfest is the Christmas event for Fortnite, bringing with it free gifts for players to claim, interesting quests, and a completely unique game mode for a limited time. Ship it! Express subverts the usual battle royale formula by removing guns and forcing players to use only thrown weapons. It’s a very different dynamic in each match, but somehow, players keep eliminating us using guns that, until we persevered, we had no idea how to get.

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How Do You Get Guns in Ship it! Express Mode in Fortnite?

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To get guns in Fortnite’s Ship it! Express game mode, players must run to Weapon Caches when they appear on the map and secure them. Once the meter has been filled and the Weapon Cache secured, players will be showered with guns to use in a game mode where there are no guns to pick up anywhere else.

We didn’t know how to get guns initially and kept being eliminated by players with them as we entered the final ten in a match. However, after searching around and surviving for a long enough time, we secured a Weapon Cache and found a selection of SMGs and shotguns to use. It still didn’t stop another player with a rarer weapon from eliminating us, though.

We believe there could also be guns on the Loot Island when it appears in Ship it! Express mode, but we’ve not been able to clarify this by reaching that location yet. If players want to get a gun to help them survive against others who only have thrown weapons, a Weapon Cache is the best way to go from the start of a match.

Are Players Glitching Guns in Fortnite Ship it! Express Mode?

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We don’t believe players are glitching guns into Fortnite’s Ship it! Express game mode. The reason for this is that we’ve discovered how to get guns in the game mode, even though an official Fortnite blog post says it should be thrown weapons only.

At first, when we were eliminated by a player with several Mythic guns, we thought it was a glitch. However, after using the Weapon Cache method outlined above, we don’t think it’s a glitch anymore. Instead, the game mode only has thrown weapons outside of these loot drops, so the final moments of a match are just as intense as in battle royale mode.