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How to get Heartshadow in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

A blade that comes from the heart.

Destiny 2 has featured many exotic weapons locked in dungeons and raids throughout its lifespan. Duality is a dungeon in the old Leviathan raid location, and it is home to a rare but powerful new exotic heavy sword, the Heartshadow Void heavy weapon. This will explain how this dungeon and weapon are linked and how to unlock get Heartshadow for yourself.

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Step 1: Unlock the Duality Dungeon

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To unlock this dungeon, you must ensure you own or purchase the dungeon key, granting access. Once you have that in your possession, head to the Tower and speak with Suraya. She will give you a quest. This quest, A single thread, will grant you access to the Duality dungeon in the Leviathan. The Duality dungeon is home to this powerful new exotic.

Step 2: Earning the Heartshadow Exotic Void Sword

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The Heartshadow is a reward that can only be earned inside the Duality dungeon. This exotic has a pair of unique perks.

  • Shot in the Dark – Remaining invisible grans this weapon increased damage for a brief duration.
  • Exhumation – Heavy attacks with full sword energy make you invisible and fire exploding void projectiles.

This new weapon is potent for Void builds, especially with aspects and fragments that can grant buffs while invisible.

To earn this weapon, you must complete the final encounter of the Duality dungeon. This new dungeon has three distinct boss fights, but only the last chest may drop this new exotic weapon.

Unlike previous raids and dungeons, this weapon has no weekly lockouts. Due to this change, you can repeat the final boss as many times as you want until you get this exotic weapon to drop.

The dungeon triumphs are a new mechanic that can help make this farm a bit easier. These triumphs will increase the chance of the Heartshadow dropping when you finish the final encounter.

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