How to get Hot Wheels High in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Don’t miss the bus.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels High is one of the most iconic cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed. It’s a school bus with flames down the side that you know would drive fast and get you to school on time, no matter how late you are. This guide will explain how you get Hot Wheels High and what it can be used for in the game.

How to get Hot Wheels High

There are three ways to get Hot Wheels High during your time with the game. The first two rely on chance, though, which may not be great if you want to acquire the bus immediately. These methods are, as you’d expect, Blind Boxes and the in-game shop. You have a random chance of getting Hot Wheels High from a Blind Box, which is why you should pick them up as often as you can. The in-game store inventory resets every four hours you spend playing, and the stock is random, so you never know when Hot Wheels High will appear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a guaranteed way to get Hot Wheels High, though. You can pick it up from a reward node to the right-hand side of the map. You’ll need to unlock a couple of Secrets to get down the road, but after that, you can find Hot Wheels High as a reward in the node at the bottom right-hand corner of the map.

You can use Hot Wheels High to complete the schoolbus Secret, easily the most obtuse Secret in the base campaign. After that, you probably won’t want to use it again because it has terrible stats compared to all the other cars you’ll have picked up by the time it’s in your collection.