How to get Island Experience on your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

Spend time on your island and increase your Sanctuary Rank.

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When you arrive on your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV, there are several things awaiting your attention. While the visions you receive to progress and unlock the many activities here are your top priority, we highly encourage you to go out of your way to raise your Sanctuary Rank, which you can do by gaining more Island Experience. There are multiple ways for you to gain Island Experience. This guide covers how to get Island Experience on your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV.

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The best way to get Island Experience in Final Fantasy XIV

You will gradually earn Island Experience by completing nearly any task while visiting your Island Sanctuary. This includes harvesting resources, constructing items to use while on your island, dealing with animals, crops, and crafting. Nearly everything you do while on your Island Sanctuary that directly gives you resources will be a good way to earn Island Experience. When you have enough Island Experience, your Sanctuary Rank increases.

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By far, the best way to earn Island Experience is to work on the visions. A vision on our Island Sanctuary is the quest you need to work on while you’re there. These activities will have you working on multiple things at once. The first vision you receive while at your Island Sanctuary is collecting various resources, constructing a hatchet, and then creating your cabin on the island. This will give you a modest boost of experience upon completing all the steps, and you will receive a new vision after you’ve done this.

How you spend your time on your Island Sanctuary is up to you, but if you’re looking to gain the most Island Experience, we recommend focusing on the daily tasks that keep you busy. Working on your crops and finding small building projects are suitable activities, especially as they bring you closer to completing your next vision. You can view your Island Experience in the Island management menu.