How to get lithium in Subnautica

Find this crucial raw material in Subnautica.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

In Subnautica, you will need many different raw materials to craft your items and upgrades. Lithium is a particularly crucial raw material to gather as it’s used to create Plasteel. Plasteel can then be used to craft important gadgets such as depth modules. This guide will walk you through where and how to collect Lithium in Subnautica.

For this expedition, be sure to use the Seamoth as it will make scouting for the materials much quicker. This can be done without the Seamoth, but it will take more time to swim to the different biomes.

From your starting point, travel about 1000 meters northwest until you end up at the Mushroom Forest. Your starting point may be different, but the Mushroom Forest is always about 1000 meters from the Aurora, so you can use that as your starting landmark.

Once in the forest, you will see Lifepod 13 is, so be sure to note its location if you haven’t already.

Look for a channel in the Mushroom forest. Once you find a channel, swim into it and start searching for Lithium. Break every Lithium you can find but be on the lookout for unfriendly sea creatures.

After you collect at least five Lithium, try to collect diamonds and titanium on your way back to the ship, as crafting a drill will make mining resources less painless.

The more lucrative way to earn more Lithium is to break into the Large Resource Deposits at the Mushroom Forest’s base. To do this, you will need the Prawn Suit Drill Arm. To craft the drill, you will need five titanium, 4 Lithium, and 4 Diamonds. These large nodes will net you much more Lithium than the single nodes you’ve been collecting. Keep coming back to the Mushroom Forest as many times as you need to stock up on Lithium.