How to get Lucky Pants exotic in Destiny 2

How lucky do you need to be to find these leggings?

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The Lucky Pants exotic in Destiny 2 is a Hunter leggings item. If you are not a Hunter Guardian, you will not be able to wear these. You can then place them in your vault for your Hunter or when you make one if you don’t plan to use them actively. Unfortunately, these are an exotic item, making them difficult to locate. This guide covers how to get the Lucky Pants exotic in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Lucky Pants exotic in Destiny 2

There are two ways to find the Lucky Pants exotic. The first is by playing as Hunter in Destiny 2, working your way through the game, and earning an Exotic Engram. You will receive them through the Premium version of the Seasonal battle pass in Destiny 2, which is the primary way to earn them as a reward. You do need to purchase the Premium version. The free version of the Destiny 2 battle pass contains two, but you will have more chances for Exotic Engrams if you buy it.

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The second way to find the Lucky Pants exotic is by visiting Xur. There’s a chance he might have them available as his weekly Hunter exotic armor. Xur appears at a random location in Destiny 2 every Friday, and remains there until the weekly reset on Tuesday. Each time Xur reappears the following Friday, he has a new inventory of items for you to purchase. They might be the same items you already have, but they could have better rolls. Xur is always worth going out of your way to find and see what he has for sale.

If Xur does not have Lucky Pants for sale, try rolling on the weekly Exotic Engram. This will contain a random Exotic weapon or armor from the available pool, and the Lucky Pants are among those options.