How to get Mamutito’s Tusks in Far Cry 6

We’re not telling porkies.

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Far Cry 6, just like the Assassin’s Creed series, has some legendary creatures to kill, and Mamutito is one of those adversaries. Its tusks, especially for new players, will tear through you, but we’re here to assist. Here’s where to find it and how to kill it. As a result, you’ll get a handy Primal Mask.

In Far Cry 6, Mamutito can be found on the northern tip of Isla Santuario, the beginning island of the game. It’s northeast of Vencejo and northeast of Cayo Seguro Peninsula. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you enter a forest area and see its dead victims around the area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mamutito isn’t too challenging if you’ve leveled up to Rank 7. You may want to use the bow and arrow as you get good meat from hunting animals with that weapon. However, you can use any weapon you’d like on Mamutito. Heck, use a rocket launcher if you’d like. We went with an assault rifle like the AK-47. Try to avoid contact with Mamutito’s close-range attacks and keep shooting the animal from afar.

Once you’ve defeated it, you’ll get Mamutito’s tusks. Now, head over to the Hunter’s Lodge you’ve set up at your main guerrilla camps. You may need to construct it if you don’t have one already. To identify where it is in your camp, it has a green bow and arrow symbol above the building. Now, confirm the tusks with the shop, and you will get the Primal Mask.

This new headgear will automatically tag nearby animals for you, making it easier to hunt for meat. With this meat, you can cook meals or sell them for resources at Juan’s Arms Dealer like Recycled Fasteners and Durable Seals. The more challenging the animal is to hunt, the more likely you’ll get rarer materials.