How to get more followers on social media in BitLife

More followers for your social media pages.


Image via Candywriter LLC

You can now directly influence and take part in your social media lifestyle in BitLife. There are five different platforms you can choose to join in the game, all depicted from real-world pieces of media, such as YouTube and Facebook. After you enter these online platforms, you can freely post to them in a variety of ways and interact with particular individuals. For those looking to gain followers, you need to post to your social media profile regularly.

You can first activate any of the five available social media accounts once you reach 14 years old and find yourself in high school. At this point, go over to the activities tab and scroll down to the social media page. You can join any of the five available (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram) all at the same time. Once you have an active social media page, you can start posting to your desired platform.

Each of the social media pages has a different series of available posts. For example, on Twitter and Instagram, you can post various pictures, whereas on YouTube, you can primarily post videos, such as gaming or how-to guides, but the type of game or how-to you do for YouTube is a random choice. The more often you regularly post videos during the same year, the more viewers you have, who steadily turn into subscribers who are your followers.

Eventually, with enough followers on your account, you can start to monetize your social media pages and advertise products to gain more financial income from these sources. If you’re eager to try making a living out of your social media page in BitLife, you need to regularly acquire new followers, post content to your pages, and interact with your community members. You will find that when you do an age up in BitLife, you will gain a considerable follower boost to your numbers, especially when you actively post to your page before hitting the ‘age’ button and skip to the next year.

Make sure to spend time posting a variety of videos and regularly interact with your followers. You don’t want to do too crazy of antics on your page, but you can have a good time and post a variety of silly things to keep it interesting.