How to get New Year’s bonuses in Red Dead Online

A fresh cut and a shave, chased with a free drink, are just moments away.

Image via Rockstar

2020 has come and gone, and Rockstar is taking this time to celebrate the arrival of a new year with Red Dead Online. For this week and through January 11, players can take advantage of several bonuses while completing missions and restocking their arsenal.

The biggest perk of the New Year bonus collection is a free honor reset. Normally, this costs three gold bars, which could take you an unnecessary amount of hours to grind out before turning it in for one transaction. However, if you’ve decided now is the time to turn your alignment, you can speak to Old Man Jones, south of Armadillo. He’ll give you the option to reset your honor, and your rap sheet (or lack of one) will be wiped clean, freeing you to start a new life of crime or heroism.

If you’re looking to boost your XP gains, go find Jessica LeClerk and complete the Land of Opportunities story chain to triple the amount of XP you earn. If you have already completed this quest, it’s a perfect opportunity to use your free honor reset. Not only do you get triple XP, but you earn a bonus XP amount for the second playthrough of the missions, making this one of the most lucrative quest lines you can do in RDR.

Don’t forget about Naturalist and Collector sales, giving out an extra 50% and 30% cash, respectively. You can also get a free haircut at any barber and throw back some complimentary drinks at the saloon.