Where to find the Black Widow locations in Grounded

Can you survive a Black Widow?

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If you are brave enough to march around the upper portion of the Grounded backyard, you probably feel like you can take on any bug. However, even with the best armor and weapons, there are some enemies that will give you some trouble. Probably the most deadly creature you can find in the open world is the Black Widow Spider. These enemies are no joke, but you can only find them in certain locations; some you may accidentally drop into. Here is where to find a Black Widow in Grounded.

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Where to find Black Widows in Grounded

There are four locations where you can encounter a full-grown Black Widow Spider in Grounded. While none of them are classified as bosses, they essentially are mini-bosses that only reside in their caves. Before looking for these beasts, be sure to have all tier three armor and weapons. Here are their locations.

The Undershed

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One of the Black Widow locations is in the Undershed. You can access this after turning in all four BURGL Chips to BURGL, so this is a very late game location. After talking to BURGL, he will give you an item to put into Wendell’s full-sized SCAB that can be found on the table on the shed porch. After resetting the SCAB, the door to the lab can be found on the eastern side of the shed. Jump in the water and go towards the dark to reveal the door.

Car battery cave

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To the east of the previous entrance is a car battery. Don’t jump on the connectors, or you will instantly die. Luckily, we don’t need to mess with the battery itself. There are little cave entrances in the area here that will lead you down into a den with a Black Widow. One entrance, in particular, has Raw Science, which is meant to be used as a bait trap for you.


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Near the previous cave is a big toolbox from which you can get a lot of Rust. However, unwary travelers can also accidentally stumble into another Black Widow cave underneath the toolbox if they are not careful.

Near the Moldorc castle

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South of the Moldorc castle playset is a big pile of stones. If you go to the Eastern side of it, you can find an easily accessible Black Widow cave.