How to get Rarefied Annite in Final Fantasy XIV

Track down this rare ore to get some Purple Scrip.


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Once you’ve hit 90 Mining, you might be curious on how you can start earning those precious Purple Scrips, which are required to upgrade your gear and start farming Materia to meld onto your jewelry. We have a guide on obtaining Purple Scrip here, and as a Miner, you are also probably wondering how to get Rarefied Annite in Final Fantasy XIV — read on to find out how.

First, you must have leveled Miner to 90, which you can do via our guide here. Next, you have to ensure you are at least wearing full, or nearly full, item level 500 gear at a minimum — the higher the item level, the better, as this ensures you meet the bare minimum Gathering and Perception levels.

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Next, open up your Gathering Log and click on the Special button on the left side of the menu. This should bring up your Collectables list, and at the bottom is your target. Click on it, and it will notify you that you can only obtain Rarefied Annite from 10:00 to 12:00 and 22:00 to 00:00 Eorzea Time, in The Twelve Wonders, Elpis.

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normal rotation may not cut it. The goal is still to hit 1000 Collectability to max out your Purple Scrip rewards, and so the following rotation should be used: Scrutiny + Scour x 3 > Scour > Gather x2. If Gatherer’s Intuition activates, use Meticulous Prospector to try and get a change to avoid integrity loss. Just starting out, you can expect to get two Rarefied Annite gathers per cycle, which will net you 80 Purple Scrip once you turn it in.