How to get Salmon Run fish scales in Splatoon 3

Earn these precious rewards while you have the chance.

Image via Nintendo

Fish scales are a premium currency you can earn while playing Salmon Run in Splatoon 3. You can use these back at Grizzco headquarters and purchase the company’s premium items. Unfortunately, obtaining fish scales takes quite a bit, and you won’t always receive them every time you complete a Salmon Run. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Salmon Run fish scales in Splatoon 3.

Where to find fish scales in Salmon Run for Splatoon 3

You will earn fish scales alongside your Salmon Run co-workers by defeating a King Salmonid. These powerful combatants will spawn before a Salmon Run ends on the third round. The King Salmonid will appear, and you must work with your co-workers to defeat it before concluding the match. A King Salmonid are some of the most formidable opponents you can battle, and they bring with them multiple minions to help them out, potentially overwhelming you.

You will always know when a King Salmonid will appear on your Salmon Run. There is a meter on the far right of your experience bar where you can see a meter. When this meter fills out, the next Salmon Run you embark on will have you facing off against the King Salmonid, allowing you and your co-workers to earn multiple fish scales for your trouble. Of course, you will need to defeat the King Salmonid, so you may want to bring your best co-workers when you have to fight them.

You can increase the King Salmonid meter by completing Salmon Runs. The more you play the game mode, the more opportunities you have to earn fish scales. After you have enough fish scales, go to the rewards window in Grizzco to purchase the items you want to add to your collection. We also recommend visiting this window often to turn in random rewards you’ve been earning as you earn points for each Salmon Run.