How to get Skill Points in Forza Horizon 5

Rack up those points.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Much like in FH4, Forza Horizon 5 players can accrue Skill Points while riding the roads in Mexico. Skill Points are points that you receive while performing various tasks with a specific car. Upon receiving these points, you can go into the Car Mastery option at the main menu, and upgrade the perks of that specific vehicle. These perks include Skill Score bonuses, #Forzathon points, and XP boosts. So, how can you obtain Skill Points? Let’s go over the details.

To get Skill Points, you will need to obviously drive. However, Skill Points are awarded for significant feats performed in-game. These feats can include clean driving stints (i.e. not colliding with other vehicles), achieving and maintaining high speeds, and others. These other tasks include:

  • Achieving Air Stunts – i.e. Driving up hills or other obstacles, like ramps, and launching in the air)
  • Drifts – Sharper drifts generally yield more points
  • Wreckage – Destroying plants, cacti, and objects, such as road signs and light fixtures, will yield points
Screenshot by Gamepur

Skill Points are awarded based upon the raw total of points you accrue, times a multiplier. The multiplier and the raw total are affected by the number of activities mentioned above can be chained successfully together. The more activities you can perform successfully, the higher the raw total and multiplier will be. Multiply those two figures, and you will get the final total.

Keep in mind that Skill Point chains will be voided should be be impeded by any reason. For example, if you crash into a structure while racking up points, this will end the chain and you will be left with zero points.