How to get Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

Hi, ho! It’s off to the Ixali we go.

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Final Fantasy XIV has a plethora of customization options for glamour. Square Enix has even implemented an entire dying system with a range of unique and fun colors to experiment with in order to let players customize further. To dye your gear, however, you will need specific dyes found through different methods in Eorzea. One such material is called Snow White Dye, and it is locked behind a specific Beast Tribe vendor. Here’s where to find Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV.

Purchasing Snow White Dye from the Ixali vendor in Final Fantasy XIV

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One way to obtain Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV is to increase your reputation with the Ixali Beast Tribe. After completing the main scenario quest In Pursuit of the Past, you can speak to Scarlet in New Gridania (X9.9, Y11.4) to get the Bad Bladder quest, which will unlock the Ixali Beast Tribe in The North Shroud.

Getting enough reputation is easy if you just keep coming back to do the Tribal dailies at their camp every day. You will need to have unlocked a Discipline of the Hand or Land job in order to partake in the quests.

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By earning the Respected reputation rank, you will be able to purchase Snow White Dye from the Ixali Vendor at X:25, Y:23 for 216 gil per dye. The fastest method of getting to the Ixali camp is by teleporting to Fallgourd Float in The North Shroud and heading Northeast from there.

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Where to buy Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

Snow White Dye can also be purchased from the Market Board from other players. Market Boards are found in every major city, and you can even bounce between servers and data centers to find the best price, provided the time investment is worth it to you.

Where to find Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

Snow White Dye is also a rare drop from treasure chests in The Dusk Vigil and The Vault dungeons from Heavensward. You can also get a few of them by completing the following quests:

  • Buzzing at Church
  • Something Worth Protecting
  • Marks of the Monarch
  • A Life of Regret

Lastly, players can also craft their own Snow White Dye provided they have a Discipline of the Hand at level 30 or above. The craft requires one Grey Pigment found through level 28 Botany nodes in South Shroud or Western La Noscea.

That’s all the sources for Snow White Dye in Final Fantasy XIV. This item is often used in the weekly Gold Saucer Fashion Report as well as in glamours and dying housing items.