How to get the Miniature Aetheryte housing item in Final Fantasy XIV

The key to your home.

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So you have finally beaten the hardest challenge in Final Fantasy XIV and successfully obtained a housing plot through the dreaded lottery system. You are eager to get started and purchase a deed to the land. As you build up your perfect home, you notice that it is hard to figure out how to get back to it with all of your collected housing items. In order to teleport directly into the front yard of your house, you are going to need a housing item called a Miniature Aetheryte. Let’s explain how to obtain a Miniature Aetheryte in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to buy a Mini Aetheryte in Final Fantasy XIV

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The vendor you need to purchase a Miniature Aetheryte in Final Fantasy XIV is actually not hard to find. Once you are far enough in the game to commit to a Grand Company, you will begin to earn ranks with them and have access to their quartermasters.

You can find the Miniature Aetheryte at your Grand Company Quartermaster under the Material section of the third tab. It is relatively cheap, only costing 14,470 Grand Company Seals. These are easily earned through Grand Company Hunts or turning in materials to your Grand Company.

The only catch to being able to purchase the Miniature Aetheryte is that you have to reach Second Lieutenant rank with your Grand Company. This is easily done by completing their hunt tabs and quests. Once you reach the required rank, the third tab will open up to you.

If you are feeling lazy and have the spare Gil, you can also find the Miniature Aetheryte on the Market Board to purchase from other players.

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What is a Miniature Aetheryte used for in Final Fantasy XIV?

Once you purchase a Miniature Aetheryte from your Grand Company or other players, you can bring it to the yard of your personal or Free Company plot and place it anywhere in the outside area. This will allow you to teleport directly to your house at any time for a minimal fee.

Owning a house in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the more fun aspects of the game. If you haven’t managed to purchase one yet, be sure to keep tracking plot locations and entering the lottery each time it rolls around.