How to get Strand Meditation in Destiny 2

Gain access to more Strand.

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Strand is an element Destiny 2 players unlock in the Lightfall campaign while exploring Neomuna, a new city location for you to visit on Neptune. While exploring Neptune, you may find Strand Meditations while attempting to complete Vex Incursion Zone public events. It’s an uncommon currency that you can use at the Pouka Pond to unlock grenades, Aspects, and Fragments. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Strand Meditations in Destiny 2.

Where to find Strand Meditation in Destiny 2

Strand Meditations can drop while working on the Vex Incursion Zone public events. These appear in Neomuna while playing the Lightfall expansion. Similar to unlocking Strand, you must have the Lightfall expansion unlock on your account to find this resource. You’ll then need to prevent the Vex from completing their Incursion Invasion during the public event. You can find it on the bottom of the map, and you’ll be to see what you’ll receive Strand Meditations for completing this specific Public Event.

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Regardless of whether you fail or succeed in the public event, the chest will drop Strand Meditations for you to obtain. These are crucial resources if you want to unlock additional Strand Fragments and Aspects; unlocking the unique features associated with Strand gives you additional powers and abilities to use this new element.

Rather than purchasing it from Ikora, who typically offers you the Aspects and Fragments for your Light-based abilities, your Darkness ones, such as Strand, are obtained through a more unique method. You will need to visit the Pouka Pond to access these abilities, giving you a wider range of unique talents to unleash against enemies while you use Strand. We recommend using one of your other elements to obtain these Meditations so you can use your full abilities rather than relying on Strand.