How to get the Bangalore Prestige skin in Apex Legends

Dive into Season 13’s latest collection event to earn three different Bangalore cosmetics.

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Becoming only the second Legend to do so, Apex Legends’ Bangalore has earned her very own Prestige skin. The cosmetic is one of a select few to be labeled as Mythic rarity due to its ability to transform into one of three outfit styles. Of course, players desiring to own a skin of this caliber will need to put in a whole bunch of effort in order to obtain it. Here’s how you can get your hands on Bangalore’s Prestige skin in Apex Legends.

How to unlock the Prestige skin for Bangalore

Bangalore’s Apex Commander Prestige skin can be obtained by completing the cosmetic collection in Season 13: Saviors’ Gaiden Event. The event runs from July 19 to August 2 and features its own dedicated Gaiden Event Packs for players to obtain all 40 cosmetics. Luckily, even its event cosmetics are worth grinding for, as the collection includes anime-themed skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson.

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After you’ve gathered the entire collection, the game will reward you with Prestige Tier 1 of Apex Commander. The orange and white armored skin is just the first form with two other Tier skins being unlockable through its dedicated Prestige challenges. Once Tier 1 is owned, the Apex Commander Tier 2 skin can be obtained by dealing a total of 30,000 damage with Bangalore, as you’ll need to deal 100,000 damage total to earn Tier 3. Additionally, these challenges can be completed at any time — even beyond Season 13.

The Gaiden Event delivers much more than just a batch of new cosmetics. Players can finally experience the return of Armed and Dangerous, a limited-time game mode with a loot pool of only snipers and shotguns. Of course, this isn’t the only major event to happen in the Apex community. The battle royale’s mobile iteration recently introduced an exclusive Legend named Rhapsody with a Support moveset that revolves around the powers of music.