How to get the Bhangra Boogie emote for free in Fortnite

Wait, is Fortnite a dancing game?

Boogie forntite

What is the Bhangra Boogie, you ask? Well, it’s a dance. It’s a dance for bananas. It’s awesome.

You, too, can dance like this in Forntite and for free. There’s a catch, though. It is currently only available for free to owners of a OnePlus phone. If you’ve got one, though, here’s how to collect the boogieing booty.

  1. Log in to your OnePlus account.
  2. Find your IMEI number and PCBA number. You can find these in your settings, and will then need to verify them with OnePlus here.
  3. Receive your free code via email and then redeem it in Fornite.

That’s it! If you’ve got a OneNote phone you can get this emote for free right now and use with any skin in the game! It’s worth noting the OneNote is capable of running Fornite at 90 FPS, which is pretty rad.

It’s also worth noting the Bhangra dance isn’t actually a dance for bananas. It is a traditional Indian dance with a long history and association with spring harvest festivals. You may have seen it in your favorite Bollywood films. It’s energetic and infections and will be a hit for Fornite players looking to boogie down—oh wait, isn’t that it’s own Fornite emote?