How to get The Black Wolf Stalks Again music orchestrion roll in Final Fantasy XIV

Let the Black Wolf stalk your Orchestrion music player.

Patch 5.4 in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers introduced the Emerald Weapon fight from Final Fantasy VII, with both Normal and Extreme versions. The Extreme version drops a few different rewards, such as weapons, a flying mount, and crafting materials. Among those materials is the item you need to create the orchestrion roll for Castrum Marinum’s second phase, called The Black Wolf Stalks Again. It’s a neat metal-rock track with synthy sci-fi influences and a menacing chorus for the Black Wolf himself.

Farm Emerald Weapon Extreme for the crafting material

The only way players can create the orchestrion roll is to craft it themselves. In order to craft the roll, you’ll need a Faded Copy of The Black Wolf Stalks Again. After beating Emerald Weapon Extreme, there’s a chance you’ll find this Faded Copy in your treasure chest. Keep farming the fight until it drops. Roll on the loot and hope you get the copy. Once you have this, level 80 Alchemists can craft The Black Wolf Stalks Again Orchestrion Roll item, located under the Master Recipe (8) tab. If you don’t have this tab available, you’ll need to earn the Master Alchemist VIII book via crafters’ scrips.

For players who don’t have a level 80 Alchemist, but have the Faded Scroll, see if you can find a crafter to make it for you. If your friends can’t help, check your data center’s Party Finder ads for a helpful crafter offering their services.

Buy the orchestrion roll on the market board

By this point, the orchestrion roll’s asking price isn’t too high. Players who would rather make the item themselves can instead purchase the Faded Copy of the song first, and then craft the orchestrion roll. The Faded Copy is significantly cheaper than the actual roll, so crafters can save some gil here. But if you’re not worried about the cost, just grab the orchestrion roll and use it. You’ll then have access to blast The Black Wolf Stalks Again through the Orchestrion player in your inn room, house, or apartment.