How to get the Blizzabelle skin in Fortnite

It’s only available on PC, but there is a way for console players to grab it.

Image via Epic Games

As part of Fortnite’s annual Winterfest event, Epic Games announced a new skin, Blizzabelle, that players can redeem for free through the end of the event. However, there’s been some confusion over how to acquire this new skin, particularly on platforms aside from PC. This guide will show you how to acquire the Blizzabelle skin on every platform.

The skin can only be redeemed by accessing the item shop after booting up Fortnite via the Epic Games launcher, which means PC players are going to have the easiest time getting the skin. If you’re playing on PC, simply start up the Epic Games Store launcher, launch Fortnite, and go to the item shop. At the time of writing, the skin is located under the row titled, “Special Offers & Bundles.” Click on the skin, confirm your purchase, and the skin will be in your locker.

As the Epic Games launcher is not available on platforms other than PC, you won’t be able to redeem the skin on consoles through the method outlined above. However, there are a few ways you can get this skin for free if you prefer to play Fortnite on your console. If you have enough space on your PC, you could install the Epic Games Store, install Fortnite, and then log in to redeem the skin; it’ll then pop up in your locker across all platforms, after which you can uninstall the game from your PC. Alternatively, if you don’t have a PC with either the space or horsepower to install/run Fortnite, you could use a cloud streaming service like NVIDIA GeForce Now, which allows you to boot the PC version of Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher. If you access the item shop through this method, you should be able to claim the Blizzabelle skin for use across all consoles.

For now, there are no other ways for console owners to redeem this skin. We’ll update this article if Epic announces a new, easier way for Fortnite players on consoles to acquire the Blizzabelle outfit.